Helen Haller Communication


Dear Helen Haller Families –
We are so excited to have our students back at the building. If you came back to in person learning in the fall many items are the same and there are a couple of changes. Please keep reading:
One major change is our new start time of 9:15.
If you ride the bus: route pickup times will be one hour later. For example, if the pick up time was 7:30 it is now 8:30.
Students on AA schedule start on 1/26/21 at 9:15 a.m. Students on BB schedule start on 1/28/21 at 9:15 a.m.
Items that are the same:
a. If in the Fall you came on the AA days (M/T). You will continue to attend on those days.
b. If in the Fall you came on the BB days (Th/F). You will continue to attend on those days.
c. If you have been remote and would like to attend in person, please call our office to schedule the change, 360-582-3200.
d. Please complete the student wellness check in SKYWARD before coming to school.
e. Login to Canvas, watch school videos, and complete work on the days you are not at school.

DROP OFF – We will have people out front to help direct students to entry gates and classrooms.
1. SCHOOL START/DROP OFF TIME – 9:10 A.M WE ARE SERVING MEALS IN THE CLASSROOM. The earliest we can have students is 9:10 a.m.
2. Students must have masks on.
3. Please stay in your car and let your student off in the drive through lane, pulling as far forward as possible.
4. Grades K-5 will be using our main parking lot to drop off students.
5. Preschool and Life Skills will be using our far east parking lot to drop off students.

A. Breakfast and lunch will be served in classrooms.
B. Recess will be before lunch. This is new this year.
C. Handwashing/Sanitizing will take place before breakfast and lunch.
D. There will be up to 3 recesses: AM, Lunch, PM –The recess field is split into sections for safety. Students will be accessing specific sections each day.
E. Breakfast and Lunch is free through the end of the school year, so please take us up on the meals by saying yes to meals. See the district website for more information.
F. If you do not want extra meals or meals at school please contact food services and let them know. 360-582-3432

1. B&G – you will need to pre-arrange this with the club. They have limited spots.
2. BUS – we will walk students to the bus. Students will wear masks and be socially distanced on the bus.
a. The bus garage has route and time information – Please call them at 360-582-3274
3. PICK-UP – Teachers will be waiting with students in front of the building.
a. They will socially distance using painted dots on the sidewalk.
b. Please pull as far forward as possible.
c. Please dig out your sign from the fall with student’s first and last names in the window of your car. We have radios and can share that information as you arrive.
4. WALKING – Teachers will have students walk on the sidewalks to home.

A. Students can bring their own hand sanitizer (scent free please) to keep at school. We have sanitizer here too.
B. Students must wear a 2 layer cloth mask from home. We have masks here too.
C. Students should bring their own water bottles from home and fill at school/home. Fountains at school have been turned off for safety.

Info I’ve sent before:
Health & Safety measures we are taking as students return to the building:
• Students will wear 2-layer cloth face mask/coverings – masks breaks will happen throughout the day outside, typically during recesses Staff interacting with students will wear paper masks.
• Students will be socially distanced, at least six feet apart.
• Handwashing and sanitizing will be required upon arrival, before snacks/meals, after recess breaks, after sneezing or nose-blowing, and before heading home for the day.
• We will follow the Washington State Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control guidelines for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting.
• You can access a health & safety video from our School District Nurse here: https://youtu.be/CGSnLzW2qiU

AA/BB Schedule
o Students will attend school in person 2 days. Either AA-Monday & Tuesday or BB-Thursday & Friday.
o Students will attend class with other students in their grade level. There will be around 4-10 students in a grade level.
o When students are away from school they will access their learning for the other days on Canvas as they have been doing.

If you have questions please start with your classroom teacher and then feel free to email helenhaller@sequimschools.org to get the help you may need.
Sincerely, Mrs. Stanton – Principal HHE


The Sequim School District announces an open referral process from December 1 - January 31 for students currently in K-12 who may qualify for Highly Capable (Hi-Cap) Program services. Anyone may refer students, including but not limited to: teachers, parents/guardians, staff, friends, students, members of the community, however, parent/guardian permission will be required for testing. Referral forms are online at the district website.

Questions concerning Hi-Cap services in the Sequim School District may be directed to Jodi Olson, Hi-Cap Program Coordinator, at 360-775-7083 or jolson@sequimschools.org. More information can be accessed on the Sequim Highly Capable Program webpage.


Free grab and go lunches are available for children ages 2-18 on Mondays or Wednesdays between 11:00-12:30 at Greywolf or the Sequim Middle School. Lunches are also available on Wednesdays between 4:30-6:00 at the Sequim Central Kitchen. You will receive 7 days of meals.



Do you have questions about the upcoming school year? Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions.