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Fourth Grade

Learning Links

I Ready is a website which allows students to work towards their individual reading and math goals. Ideally, students will spend about 45 minutes going through the I Ready lessons for each subject area, each week at school. I recommend at least 30 additional minutes for each subject, each week at home, if possible. Again, this is only a suggestion. Depending on your child's specific needs or your home technology access and expectations, you may choose to have your child spend more or less time on I Ready at home. 

Google Earth is a program we use throughout the year as we study different places, cultures and geological landmarks. Feel free to explore the world with your child via satellite! 

Additional Online Resources to Support Student Learning:




Password: 1234

Blue Group Class Code: 77HAK3

Yellow Group Class Code: YELDGZ

Feel free to explore this free online student library, which gives you access to hundreds of stories and articles. Stretch your brain by answering the questions that go with your “assigned readings.” Again, these assignments are optional, but they are a great way to practice your comprehension and reading detective skills!

Scholastic Learn at Home: 


Click on the tile labeled “Grades 3-5.” This will give you access to 2 weeks worth of free articles, videos and fun reading quests! Have fun exploring!


Select a nonfiction category and then select a book of your choice. Each book is free to read and there is usually a short video that goes with each topic. Once you have finished watching the video and reading the book, you may try to answer the Big Question that goes with each story. 

Parents: You may also click on the green star icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page to access free lesson plans and/or extension questions that go with each story. These questions are a great way to check in with your child on what they are reading, to help measure their level of understanding.  https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/resources-for-families.html

Families!!! This final Scholastic link is for you! This page lists several resources Scholastic is offering to families for free, to help with student learning at home during school closures. Scholastic will continue updating and adding more resources to this page overtime, so be sure to check in each week to see what is new. 

Storyline Online: 


This is another free online library, which allows students to select from hundreds of books and listen to them being read aloud by famous authors and celebrities! 

Typing Agent:


School Domain: ssd323

Username and Password: 7 Digit Student ID number (all student have these memorized, as they have been using them all year long to login to our computers)

This is a typing program our school uses to help students master their keyboarding skills. The expectation is that students must pass two regular typing lessons, before they take a brain break with a game. They should then pass another two lessons before choosing another game, and so on.