September 4th Newsletter

This Week in Third Grade

September 3, 2019

Reading                                        Writing

Students will review what reading to self looks like. We will practice finding a place away from others, selecting a book, keeping our eyes on the book, and reading silently to ourselves. We will work on slowly increasing our stamina throughout the first few weeks of school.

What can you do at home?

Please encourage your child to spend at least 20 minutes a day reading. He or she can silent read or read aloud to someone at home. If you need books, please let me know. I allow my students to take home any book they are reading in class. After all, it is very difficult to put down a great book!

We will start using our writing journals this week. Students will learn/review how to create a web to prewrite a story (narrative). We will spend the first week writing about an event from our summer.

What can you do at home?

You can spend some time discussing your summer. Students will be encouraged to focus on a moment. It could be something funny, sad, exciting, or scary. We are going to review how to take a moment and stretch it into a story by adding descriptive details.


 Word Wall

Our third grade word wall is used for a writing resource. Words on the word wall should be spelled correctly in published work. Five words are practiced each week. We use word wall time to practice neat handwriting. Students also put the words in alphabetical order each week. Words covered this week are:

was, with, to, are, schools



Students will be introduced to multiplication this week. We will practice skip counting and notice the connection with multiplication. In second grade, students learned about arrays and repeated addition. Now, they will use their knowledge to connect arrays with multiplication equations.

How can you help your child at home?

Please make the math homework a priority. Spend only 10 minutes on it each night. Reviewing the skills each night will allow your child time to process. Thank you!



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