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4th Grade

Literacy Lessons Week (November 2nd -November 6th )



November 2


November 3


November 4


November 5


November 6

Lesson Focus


(Ch. 6) Battle of 1066 - Gather evidence


RACE Response

Reading Differentiation (through iReady lessons)


(Ch. 7) Gather evidence

No School

Student Task

* Reading quiz


-Read 20 minutes and record in Beanstack

-Amplify Vocab 10 minutes

*RACE Response Activity Page 9.5 (pg 116)


-Read 20 minutes and record in Beanstack

-Amplify Vocab 10 minutes

I Ready


(60 minutes Math and 60 minutes Reading)


-Read 20 minutes and record in Beanstack

-Amplify Vocab 10 minutes

*Reading quiz


-Read 20 minutes and record in Beanstack

-Amplify Vocab 10 minutes


*Student Tasks that are bold are assignments/quizzes in Canvas.

Unit 2: The Middle Ages!

            We continue working on identifying the main ideas in a text and supporting those ideas with specific details from our Middle Ages text. In chapter 6, students will be reading about the Battle of 1066. Students will apply their knowledge of this battle in a reading comprehension quiz. Then they will use that knowledge and evidence from the text to answer questions with the RACE response strategy. Our goal is for students to improve their ability to communicate information clearly in their writing.

Chapter 7 is all about the significant role the church played during this time period. Students will identify evidence from the text and use it to organize information from the text. Instead of a second writing task this week, students will take a grammar assessment.

BeanstackPlease encourage your students to read 20 minutes per day and record their reading. in  Let us know if you or your student is struggling to access this new tool.


iReady – Don’t forget that Wednesdays are iReady days. This tool is very important in providing students with individualized instruction based on their needs. If they struggle with a concept, please let us know and we can adjust their learning path.