Welcome to Third Grade!

Mrs. Ellefson      

Please read the following information about our classroom with your family. Let me know if you have any questions.

Homework: You will not have assigned homework over the weekends or on your birthday. (Yay!) Homework will be sent home every day (Monday-Thursday). You will receive math homework daily and are expected to read for at least 20 minutes. The homework will be brought to school each day and corrected in class. 

Newsletter: Each Monday you will receive a newsletter in which you will find upcoming dates, deadlines and special events. The newsletter will also keep you informed about the learning targets for the week. 

Bathroom: You may go to the bathroom before school or at recess. If there is a need to use the bathroom during instruction, the pass will be placed on your table so it will be obvious where you are. There is one pass for boys and one for the girls, therefore only one person may be in the bathroom at a time. You will also move your number magnet to the Restroom rectangle.

Water: Since it is so important to keep our bodies hydrated, I encourage you to bring a water bottle to class. Only unflavored water will be allowed. It should have a secure lid. Please, no metal bottles. You may fill these bottles before school or during recess.
Snack: Snack time will occur each day around 10:10. You are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for yourself that can be eaten at your desk. Although it is nice to share, we do not share or trade our snacks. 

Classroom Management: 
General: If you are not following our classroom rules you will receive the following consequences in the sequential order:
1st warning- verbal reminder
2nd  warning- Five Minute Recess Time Out  (lightbulb reminder card)
3rd  warning – Reset room with a Think Time form- The student will report to the Reset Room in a third grade classroom and reflect on his/her choices.
4th warning – Phone call home and Solution Center  (written office referral)