Welcome to class

Welcome to the third grade!!

The following is some general information regarding the daily routines of our classroom.


Daily Schedule:


Language Arts






Read Aloud/Buddies

Clean up

Go Home



The Daily Grind:


Homework: You will not have assigned homework over the weekends or on your birthday. (Yay!) A homework folder will be sent home every day. In it you will find all the assignments you will need to complete during that evening.  The homework folder will be brought to school each day with your completed assignments.


Behavior Chart: Please sign your child’s behavior and homework chart daily.


Newsletter: Each Friday you will receive a newsletter in which you will find upcoming dates, deadlines and special events.


Bathroom: You are encouraged to go to the bathroom before school or at recess. If there is a need to use the bathroom during instruction, the pass will be placed on your desk, so it will be obvious where you are. There is one pass for boys and one for the girls, therefore only one person may be in the bathroom at a time.


Water: Since it is so important to keep our bodies hydrated, I encourage you to bring a water bottle to class. Only unflavored water will be allowed. It should have a secure lid with a pop-up spout. You may fill these bottles before school, or during recess.


Snack: Snack time will occur each day at 10:30. You are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for yourself that can be eaten at your desk. Although it is nice to share, we do not share or trade our snacks.



Classroom Management:


General: Every student starts out the day with a green stoplight card. The green stoplight shows that you are making excellent choices.  If you are following our classroom rules you will receive a green stoplight at the end of the day. If you are choosing to make poor choices during the day, you will receive a yellow stoplight that will remind you to slow down and think about your choices. When you choose to make good choices once again, you will return to a green card for the day. Unfortunately, if the poor choices continue, a red stoplight will be given after warnings and will result in loss of recess or Think Time. The parents will sign a form daily that will record the color for that day.


Every day the students have the chance to earn one of four characters to sit on their desk the next day. Brainy is given to a student who is putting excellent effort into their work that day. Cougar is given to a student who shows respectful, responsible and safe behavior. Mickey is for the boy that showed great behavior and Minnie is for the girl.


This and That:


Vacation/sick/early dismissal: A note is required for all absences from school. Homework or class assignments will be rescheduled according to my discernment.